Compliance Recording System for SVT 2009-10

The project objective was to replace an old, semi-automatic compliance recording system for SVT, the public service television broadcast company in Sweden. Specified demands were to record for 24/7 channels redundantly and about 20 scheduled channels, presenting them via an intranet system allowing for basic editing of recordings and after a preset time span upload the archived recordings for permanent storage.

The system was developed using Delphi to create a multi-threaded Windows service collecting and managing recordings, PHP to produce the intranet and .Net to supply a basic clipping studio. The data is stored in MySQL and the system uses FTP to deliver the recordings to permanent storage.

CRS is still in active operation (2017).

Platforms:        Windows server, Windows client, MySQL

Techniques:     Delphi, PHP, C#, FTP, HTML, CSS, LDAP, SecLDAP, Active Directory