The world gets a little bit worse for every new AutoInc column

After participating in a Facebook discussion on the topic of how to generate autoinc values for a primary key column, I feel strongly obligated to write this blog post about my point on the matter. My underlying theses is that no modern database should ever be designed to use autoinc values as its tables' primary … Continue reading The world gets a little bit worse for every new AutoInc column

Frame inheritance

Using frame inheritance, possibly in combination with the frame factory pattern (although that is out of scope for this post) can considerably help you limit dependencies, reduce the number of forms and separate concerns of your application. What's the difference between forms and frames? Many Delphi programmers use nested forms to structure their applications, and … Continue reading Frame inheritance

A comment on comments

Which code is more readable? implementation uses // Delphi units SysUtils, Windows, Classes, // Libraries Lib.Utils, Lib.Settings, Lib.JSON, MainFormU, // Main form unit Settings; // Settings unit procedure TForm.OnButton1Click( ASender: TObject ); var Humpty: THumptyDumpty; begin // Set up a humpty dumpty class and execute it, passing it the personal id, name and what looking … Continue reading A comment on comments