What I bring to the table

I'm a very skilled and experienced Delphi programmer, well versed in the art of clean coding, professional programming and quite good at spotting potential future risks in any solution, particularly Delphi ones. What I'd bring to the table is all of my experience of building robust Windows applications, improving legacy code and spreading my knowledge … Continue reading What I bring to the table


As a senior software developer, architect and technical team leader, I draw from 30 years of experience in the IT business. I always focus on the client’s needs and the system’s intended function. Part-taking, objective thinking and discussion are crucial parts of developing software. Over the years, I’ve collected a large skill set and extensive … Continue reading Experience

Agility and code care

One of the things that are high on my list of priorities is the agile development process. Successful software development depends on many things, one of the most important is a strategy. Regardless of if it is bugs or features, you need a plan of attack, and driving and refining that process, be it scrum, kanban … Continue reading Agility and code care

Employments and businesses

2021-2023 Binar Solutions AB 2018-2021 Subcontractor at Svenska Handelsbanken for TEKSystems AB 2017 Winassist AB 2016-17 ISEC Systems AB 2011-13 Prime One AB (partner) 2006- Linri AB (owner) 1998-2006 Dataline Sweden AB (partner) Earlier engagements provided upon on request

On a personal note

On a more personal note, I live in Norrtälje an hour north of Stockholm, Sweden, with my wife Linda and three Chinese Crested dogs. Orbiting us are my kids, Tim and Lovisa and Linda's kids Linus and Marcus, all of them (or nearly anyway) out of the nest. A couple of years ago (2015) we … Continue reading On a personal note