Clean Coding talk

Yesterday I had a talk on Clean Coding for colleagues at the bank. It’s been a while since I’ve held any kind of talk to anyone, so I was a little bit nervous. That nervousness quickly turned to adrenalin and, I hope, positive energy for the crowd. 40 or so developers and stakeholders.

I only had 30 minutes, and I wanted the talk to be an interaction, especially since these programmers are COBOL programmers, and I have absolutely no clue how to code COBOL.

The talk went fine, there were some laughs, a lot of discussions and interestingly enough, a lot of comments and concerns on the team’s current work methods from the younger developers. However, 30 minutes was not enough. I would have needed much more than that, and if I get the opportunity again, I’d love to make some more of that talk.

Judging from comments afterwards, Clean Coding is an appreciated topic even for COBOL programmers.