On a personal note

On a more personal note, I live in Norrtälje an hour north of Stockholm, Sweden, with my wife Linda and three Chinese Crested dogs. Orbiting us are my kids, Tim and Lovisa and Linda’s kids Linus and Marcus, all of them (or nearly anyway) out of the nest.

A couple of years ago (2015) we bought a house, more or less a summer house, to renovate and make permanent, so when asked what my hobbies are and what I do to unwind, I usually answer, improve our house.

That’s not absolutely true. Rather, that work on the house is done intermittently, in waves. I am a genuine nerd though. To unwind from a busy day coding at work, I… code.

I have a long list of personal hobby projects that never seems to be finished. It seems the important thing (when it comes to hobby projects) is not to finish, but to learn, invent and push the boundaries a little bit further.