Best thing about Delphi IDE I’ve learned all year

Thanks Primož Gabrijelčič (for the solution) and Tommi Prami (for the question) of the Delphi Developer Facebook group.

I’ve got 20 years or more as a Delphi developer and I think from the first version I’ve asked myself the same question as Tommi Prami. Is there a way to sync changes you make in the method definition so they are reflected in the implementation?

Years back I learned that Ctrl+Shift+C when standing in the class definition will create the implementation stub, and if you’ve created a new function in the implementation section (and given it a class name) it will add it as a private function in the definition.

But how many times I’ve made changes to the parameter list, result type or changed from function to procedure or the other way around and done it manually in both the implementation and definition, I just don’t know.

Hitting Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P while in the function (either in the definition or implementation) will sync the changes you’ve made to the method so that the definition and implementation match.

There is something to learn every day, even if you’re a hundred and ten and think you know everything worth knowing…