Every program should have an Easter egg

When Steve Jobs and his team finished work on the Macintosh, they fetched a piece of paper and had everyone on the team sign it.

So hard had they worked on the new computer, and so proud of the finished product were they that Steve wanted a statement to show it.

So he made the team sign the sheet of paper and had the signatures engraved in the tool that made the case so that they would end up inside every case shipped.

The Macintosh was hermetically sealed. Without special tools, there was no getting into it, and so no user would probably ever going to see those signatures.

But that didn’t matter to Steve. He and his team had made a great achievement. They had built the Macintosh, had worked very hard at it to make it just the way they thought it should be made.

They hade put an Easter egg in the Macintosh.

Lots of programs out there have Easter eggs in them, and for a good reason. It’s not that they add to the list of features or the general value of the product, but they do add or at least signify something important.

The team who made that program are so proud of what they’ve achieved that the took the time to put something in it that makes a statement just how proud of it they are.

You can read the full story of the Macintosh signing here.

(Can you find Steve’s signature?)

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