What I bring to the table

I’m a very skilled and experienced Delphi programmer, well versed in the art of clean coding, professional programming and quite good at spotting potential future risks in any solution, particularly Delphi ones. What I’d bring to the table is all of my experience of building robust Windows applications, improving legacy code and spreading my knowledge and passion for working with Delphi code to the team.

I draw my inspiration from writing beautiful, effective code and excavating the depths of the Delphi frameworks and talking about and reading code. After all, we spend more time reading code (trying to understand it and fixing its bugs) than writing it. I’m a firm believer (and quite passionate about) that sub-par code should not even enter the codebase. If the suggested solution isn’t up to the highest standards, it should be sent back and fixed no matter when in the process that discovery is made.

After all, we software development professionals carry the ultimate responsibility that the code running in the billions of electronic devices around us meet the absolute highest standards and quality. It’s important. In some cases, even lives depend on it.

In my experience, agile working methods are a success factor in any development project, but I take a pragmatic perspective on agility in software design and development. In my view, agility has become a buzz word and commodity. As I see it, agility is for the development team first.

A role that would suit me is as tech lead of a Delphi team determined to deliver outstanding, future proof Delphi code, be it legacy or brand new.

I’m open to new opportunities.